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the book is available for pre-sale!


Three Versions Available



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e-Book (PDF/Kindle)

  • Receive your files right away
  • Buy now and you'll get installments #1-40, with new chunks to be added every 20 installments or so.
  • $16.99



pre-sale Print book

  • Paperback, printed by Clays in London
  • Books mailed from France, Spring 2018
  • BONUS: First 300 copies will be signed by me using my favourite turquoise pen
  • Price $19.22 + shipping = $22.25
  • Pre-sale


pre-sale Audio book

  • Read by me (not abridged, the whole thing, 4-6 hrs long)
  • BONUS: Some unique content in the audio that is NOT in print or electronic versions.
  • Price: $39.99
  • Pre-sale


pre-sale Bundle

  • Full-meal-deal that includes all three versions (print, e-book, audio)
  • Total Value = $76.20 + shipping
  • You pay $69 + shipping
  • Pre-sale


and the readers say ...

Flyaway: "Being engaged in this book has been another tool for me, and in a way accountability. By participating I'm also saying "I'm still here doing this sober thing!" It gives me something to think about and respond to, sober homework. Fun home work."

LJC: "I am really into understanding this girl and why she is in this place. I enjoy the emergence of scenes where you can show( without pointing directly at it) how she interprets it and how she reacts."

Anonymous: "I feel very worried about Rayna, now. She is trying hard to not notice how frightening her situation is; I have been there myself. Options for escape are getting fewer, there is an ominous feeling of the trap door gradually closing."

Scrappy: "Feels a bit like I'm tuning into my favorite soap opera ... Will Scrappy stay sober (yes),  will Belle keep writing (yes), what will the editor say (it will be positive),  will Rayna do something stupid (probably)! These are the Days of our Lives!"

Sober Sparkles: "Rayna as an adult annoys the hell outta me for being so pathetic, is that the intention?"

Scrappy: "Uh oh ... don't do it Rayna!"