65 prewrite

from me, prewrite:

i am now wearing my new fuzzy writing socks. they are soft and thin. they may last one season. maybe you’re supposed to get new socks every so often. maybe, like other tools, they wear out and they need to be upgraded continuously, augmented. why would i think that one pair of house socks would last forever, but more to the point, why would i continue to wear them once they had holes in them and my big toe was sticking out. it’s not about poverty, it’s not about deprivation, it’s about flat-out laziness in the self-care department. really. new socks.

like you, having two favourite sober podcast episodes that you listen to all time, so much so that eventually you have it memorized, can repeat all the words forwards and backwards. you could download a new episode. ooh no, i have these already. (or even better, “i tried socks, they don’t work for me.” did you try new socks, these ones over here? “no, they won’t work either.”)

well for 7 euros i have fuzzy socks. ok, that’s probably 2 bucks more than i would have liked. but really. based on a comparison to what? where is the price referential coming in? i’m ok to spend 17 euros on a lentil salad yesterday (very good, reliably lovely bakery, but stupidly expensive) but i’m not ok spending 7 on socks when the ones i have have holds in them.

what if the new tool WORKS, what’s it worth then? what if these socks have sober super powers and as docsam says “they can be your Writing Socks and give you special abilities to foreshadow and sprinkle conflict and develop characters. :)” then every time i look down at my feet, i remember. just like what if the new bracelet works, and every time you look at it you remember what you’re doing, and why.

if the first tool has holes in it from overuse, then augment it with a new one. even if you love the old socks? wear a thinner layer underneath. keep the old socks. that’s fine. just don’t have your toes sticking out!

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