63 prewrite

from me:

writing, day 63, seems like a nowhere land kind of place. getting to day 50 was an accomplishment, day 63 feels grey and ‘going nowhere’. which isn’t true, of course, it’s just grey and i can’t see where i’m going (again). how do i wrap up all of these story points between now and christmas eve? will i continue to be able to do this day after day? yesterday i didn’t write until noon (for the first time, that late) because i slept in until 11 am. and i thought: “yeah, i’m done now. i’m not writing today, I don’t FEEL like it.”

oh yeah, waiting to feel like it. as if that ever worked for anyone ever.

and then i did write, and it was fine (again).

so here i am, day 63, in my jammies (of course). i didn’t go outside yesterday. maybe not today either. maybe i don’t go outside again until the weather is better. i’m drinking my coffee. staring at the screen. can’t tell if the next scene is more with dog boy, with mel, ahead to beet. and what does she do with a bag of mussels, now, out in the world. they need to be refrigerated …

i’ll update this in a bit.

5 thoughts on “63 prewrite”

  1. We are out here wondering if she will refrigerate the mussels ? But it does seem to be cold outside, so they should be fine for awhile. I love staying in my jammies when the weather is turning colder (like now- late autumn).

  2. Please put Rayna in the refrigerator with the mussels so she can thaw a little bit. I want to hug her, then smack her , then hug her again. You’ve given us a lot to look forward to, her backstory with her family, will she see that Janice is helping her, do we meet her sister?
    I read it as soon as I wake up, it’s like a little sober tool. Really. I think about reading it if I was hungover, and it wouldn’t be the same.

  3. This really is an ingenious way to write this, and its totally awesome being a part of it. I love how you use your sober tools to help you with different goals.
    Reading the installments and contemplating them over coffee every morning has become a routine for me, I’ll be sad when it’s over.

  4. Maybe real time writing is the amazing thing you’ve discovered. Build your community and even though we’ve read the book we’ll buy it so we can give it to all our friends and say ‘I saw this as it was made’. Dancing Rabbit

  5. Once a very long time ago in my young twenties I was hiking out of the Grand Canyon on Thanksgiving Day, having hiked the ten miles in the previous day. On the way up and out a big winter storm was brewing and there was already snow on the trail. We had to get out before more snow dumped. My legs hurt. I was tired. The climb was boring and relentless. A woman who looked to be well in her sixties passed by me as I was resting at a switchback and said: “just out one foot in front of the other, you will get there.” That advice has served me well throughout my life so I offer it to you, Belle. One foot after another, one day at a time. Your story is lovely and engaging. We care about your characters, not just Rayna, in fact some maybe even more than Rayna but she’s the one driving the action. Keep up the good work. We love you!

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