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Starting on Thursday October 5th

I am trying different. I think that publishing my new fiction novel online, from the beginning, day by day, even though it’s not finished, is an adventure and i’m thinking it’ll help me keep going.

I’m on day 20 of continuous sober fiction writing today, so i feel brave enough to start to share it with you.

because clearly, what i had been trying wasn’t working in terms of getting the fiction project started … take an online class about story writing, but if there’s no participation or homework, then i read it and thank ‘yeah, whatever’ (sort of like all those sober classes/workshops where you read but nothing every happens. they’re missing the PERSON / gentle pressure / accountability part of it. This is why self-study is so tempting. Work at your own pace! Take this class even if you aren’t sober! Sure, that’s tempting. cuz really, they get to take your money and nothing changes for you. sure it’s a good business model (for them), but how does it help YOU.)

and so if this is about me, and the writing thing (just like it’s about you and the sober thing) then i need to (a) have some external gentle pressure, and (b) i need to try different. i keep having these fantastic ideas of what the book will be, and when i can’t see how it all fits together, then i don’t start. i want to see all the way from maine to san francisco while i’m sitting in the parking lot in maine. it’s a snowy morning, blue light, no shit i can’t see where i’m going.

nobody can. we just start. that’s the THING of it. and if i can’t start on my own (no shit) then i involve other people. and i get to PICK the people. like, i don’t post on my catering newsletter that i’m writing a sober fiction book, cuz they just don’t care (and if they have feedback, it wouldn’t be useful). so when you’re looking for sober support, you can do the same: face the people who can actually help.

and if my ‘audience’ for a sober fiction book are sober people, then — hey — that’s you.

so the experiment begins.

i will write here. new posts will be visible for 24 hrs. then i take them down and put up a new one the next day.

you can follow along.

but also, you can be the carrot or stick / cheerleader or heckler / idea-giver or nodding in agreement / hater or lover / bored or engaged reader that everybody needs when writing ?

first installment within the next 24 hrs.

question: Is one of the reasons you don’t read as much, because you don’t have time? maybe getting it day by day, 5 minutes a time would help?

6 thoughts on “sober fiction will live here :)”

  1. I love reading and since being sober I make sure I read every day. It’s my thing. I also listen to author talks on podcast and in person. I enjoyed the first instalment

  2. Hi belle
    You’ve definately piqued my interest! I will continue to read everyday. I have a friend that just published some small books and selling on Amazon ( what a process!) Good luck with this new “chapter” in your life !

  3. I am not much of a reader, but for you I will (I hope). When I do read, I am a critic (both positive and bad). Okay saying that, I am ready and I think it is a pretty good start setting up the first scene. It feels real. JJ’s DAD

  4. Belle. You are a good writer… and your OMM’s are great. I do enjoy your voice and your Canadian ‘accent’.
    I’m leading with compliments, so that it doesn’t hurt when I say that I found this depressing, and I have a feeling that’s just what you wanted to evoke – but with no more to go on (no synopsis of the book in general) – it would not be something that I’d feel compelled to read, because it made me sad… all those sad people in a sad situation.
    I WILL continue to read, and I hope that I will get hooked on the characters. Keep writing… I’ll keep reading… and I read sober 🙂

  5. Dear Belle,

    I have to concur with JJ’s Dad – I’m feeling a little glum and don’t want to feel this way at the beginning of a book… however, I will keep reading. I know life isn’t about ‘happy endings’ but I guess I’m in a place where there needs to be some light and I didn’t get much from this first piece. Thanks for sharing with us – you are amazing in your courage and resilience – writing and receiving feedback is not an easy thing – well done you XXX

  6. I agree with JJ’s Dad and BrisGal. Just can’t seem to get into it. Feels dark and the dialogue is a bit flat. I love reading so will keep trying to see if I too get hooked on the characters. Keep at it! Your enthusiasm and creativity is inspiring!!!

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