omm378.arguing.mean > email from Kimba (day 22): “This podcast rang true. Yesterday my husband spent time with his side of the family and came home and accusing me of hating his family (overdrinkers all). Truth was I had a repairman coming to fix a plumbing thing under the kitchen sink, and had been waiting for the plumber for three weeks. Instead of getting into a big fight, which would have been my MO while drinking, I sat calmly (pretty calmly) and explained to him that I had already had a plan and his family plan had been last minute. He continued blah blah blah, I said we should agree to disagree and reach a compromise. It ended much better than usual. Hooray for sobriety.”

from me: it’s funny that Kimba should send me this exact email today, because as i’m sitting here, with a space heater at my feet, i was editing a little clip from that podcast she mentions, “Things That Improve (if you’re sober).”  And so today’s OMM is a 2 minute clip of this from this podcast. and it’s all about arguing. What do you think arguing really is, at its base?

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