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updated 25-apr-17

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Stay Here Bracelet
(sterling silver)

photo from Still Breathing (day 49) from the beach in Florida

Stay Here Bracelet

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Sober is the New Black Neckace

I’ve made it so that the text faces IN so that the words aren’t visible when wearing the necklace. Of course, you can take it apart and turn the disk around if you want! Chain is sterling silver. Read the story

Sober Momentum Mug

note to you, yes you reading this:
if you have some
don't fuck with it
~ shit belle says
(colour displayed here is 'raspberry')

It's About Time Bracelet (leather)

Each bracelet will have a different coloured handmade Lampwork bead.

Sizes: small 7" or medium 8" (measure your wrist and then add a bit extra for slack). Read the story

Fuck You Wolfie Bracelet

Sober Toolkit Charm Bracelet (stainless steel bracelet)

Sizes: small 6.75" to 7" or medium 8" (measure your wrist and then add a bit extra for slack).

Charms: shovel (to whack wolfie on the head and then bury him), blue cup for some FUW reward tea, a bell (get it?), the star represents sleep (you can always take a nap), a lighthouse so you can find your way, and the '@' symbol means you can always email and reach out for support.

Not Today Bracelet
(sterling silver)

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