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sober jumpstart

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  • A sober penpal for a year (me!)
  • Seven audios covering 'how to be sober'


  • A sober penpal for a year (me!)
  • Seven audios covering 'how to
    be sober'
  • plus 50 archived podcasts
  • plus 1 call with me


  • A sober penpal for a year (me!)
  • Seven audios covering 'how to be sober'
  • plus 100 archived podcasts
  • plus 2 calls with me
  • value: $749 if selected separately






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You know it’s probably time to quit drinking, but you’re not really a ‘joiner’. You think that some help with this sobriety thing would be great. And you’re thinking that if you could just hear from someone who is sober — who knows what it’s like to deal with day 7 and day 16 and day 98 — then that would be super helpful.

I have created an audio class called the Sober Jumpstart Class. The spoken word has a way of going right into our heads. Audio is different from reading. We have a one-to-one conversation. You and me.

Every day you will receive a new audio message. Yes, my voice, it's me talking.

The audios will be in individual MP3 files, so you can listen online or download. Links to not expire.

There are seven core class modules:

  1. Why be sober - what do you give up, what do you gain
  2. What you need to begin - the basics, what to have on hand, what to expect
  3. Who to tell and what to say - how to tell your story in a way that supports you and makes you feel good
  4. Why you need treats and how to structure them for maximum success
  5. What is sober support, and how do you get it.
  6. How do deal with impatience, overwhelm, and frustration
  7. What does a relapse mean? Signs of pre-lapse. How to get your sober car started. How to keep it going. What to look for.


“Having a new audio to look forward to every day was exactly what I needed. A little boost of help/some advice to consider throughout the day and reminders that you are on the right track were key for me. Definitely a good investment!” ~ Runner Amy


“Hearing you is different from writing, I listened to the first audio 3 times.Your coaching class came along at a perfect time for me ... It is not so much advice as encouragement to tap into the best of ourselves. Who we were before the bottle. Before "Wolfie". We can get back to that and then go from there to live the life we are meant to live. Free. Happy. Healthy.  Belle, you are practical and I feel like I have known you for years. This class contains practical steps you can act on and support from the heart that will put a big smile on your face and fill you with happiness you could never get from a bottle of alcohol (poison).” ~ Em


“I am not ready to own up and admit my drinking problem to a room full of people. I am not ready to wear a label. I may never be. But I am not in denial, and I desperately want to be saved.” ~ Carrie



1. Is it you? Belle, when I send an email, will I know who is replying to me? If it's not you, that's fine, as long as whoever it is has personal experience that matches yours, because your stuff speaks to me and I feel it's important to be able to build a relationship and trust with whomever is on the other end.

me: My emails come from my email address. If you were emailing my apprentice you'd know because (a) she has a different email address from mine, and (b) you would also have previously agreed to have her email you. It's all very transparent. If you get an email from me, it's from me.


2. How fast? How soon are you (and your team) able to respond to emails?  I am scared that if I manage to actually reach out for help that I might have to wait for a response.  I know this sounds horribly unreasonable, expecting you to be there whenever I need you, but I need to ask the question because at the moment ... I think there might be times when I am desperate. Also, in time, can we work together to pre-empt this last minute panic and spot the warning signs earlier?

me: I generally answer emails from my penpals within 24 hrs. If I happen to be online when you email, then I respond faster, but generally once a day. Yes, we can work on de-escalating things - and you will also find that just in emailing, you feel better, even if you know I may not respond instantaneously. Your brain is a complicated place. It feels better just by reaching out.


3. Billing? Hi Belle, I would like to have a penpal but I have a joint account ... how would the debit appear on the bank statement?

me: Here’s what I understand: when you purchase something from me through Gumroad, that’s what shows up on your credit card statement (gumroad.com). You might also want to purchase a pre-paid credit card, like a gift card that works for any MasterCard purchase (prepaid gift card). You can buy them with cash (in Canada you get them at the drug store and grocery store at the cash register). Then you can use them like a regular MasterCard but there’s no personal info attached. You being sober is a big deal. you getting support to be sober is a good idea. But I know that keeping your stuff private often makes sense too.