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Sober Podcasts [SP]

  These are archived podcasts. If you'd like to sign up to get the NEW audios each week as they are released (1-2 new audios per week), you can do that here.

NEW SP240 - Rebellion (about having a rebellious nature, and how this can help us in being sober)

NEW SP239 - Forgive Myself (how to deal with things that happened when we were over-drinking; how to ensure that they never hapen again)

SP237 & SP238 - Lee Davy's Podcast (parts 1 & 2) (1.5 hr interview about language, metaphors, starting a sober journey with a trial/challenge. We also examined the difference between group support and the kind of one-on-one support that I do)

SP236 - Pros and Cons (how to get going again after you’ve already had some sober time, especially when you feel very alone with it all)

SP235 - Nobody Wants to Quit (drinking, that is ... we just want the surrounding shit to stop)

SP234 - How not to be an ass (advice for well-wishers on how to support us while we do this sober thing)

SP233 - Missed Opportunities (the things we cannot take advantage of when we are drowning in alcohol)

SP232 - Incremental Change (how to approach making large changes for those of us who are easily overwhelmed)

SP231 - Community (why does online sober support work? and how does it work; what is it about having a community of sober people that helps us to feel not so alone)

SP230 - Temptation (how do we resist the temptation to drink, to do too much, to stay up too late)

NEW SP229 - I Wish I Could Fly (distorted thinking, delusions, and how hard it is to talk someone off a ledge when they believe they can fly)

NEW SP228 - My Situation is Different (when we think that it's harder for us to be sober than for other people)

NEW SP227 - Got Money Got Sober (we tend to think that other people don't have problems)

NEW SP226 - Lindsay Lohan (Oprah made a documentary show about LL when she got out of rehab)

SP225 - Behind the Scenes - Explaining Sober Fiction (a private conversation between me and my book editor about the role of sober fiction)

SP224 - Hope (can hope be taught, how do you find a path when you can't see it)

SP223 - Travel for Work (if you have to travel for work, and other situations where you feel like it's harder to be sober)

SP222 - All the Stuff (when you think you're doing 'all the things' to be sober, but you keep relapsing ... then what)

SP221 - Beyind the Scenes (Newspaper) (I am interviewed by a journalist in the UK about a future story on sobriety and its image problem)

SP220 - Thirty Years (what if you've been trying to quit drinking for a long time; how to have hope that things will change)

SP219 - Dating (when is dating a good idea, what should you give up to date someone?)

SP218 - Bored (an audio for when the long afternoon and evening of sobriety are staring back at you)

SP217 - Social Worker (the one where I interview a social worker, don't agree with what she's saying, and awkwardness ensues)

SP216 - Behind the Scenes with the BBC (I am interviewed by BBC freelance journalist about the 'image problem' that sobriety has)

SP215 - Incongruent (about the incongruent idea of drinking - how having alcohol in your life doesn't match up with what you say, and who you say you are)

SP214 - Q&A (husband who wants to be supportive, more on compliance, how to look forward and avoid regret)

SP213 - Compliance (there are tools available for us, we just don’t like them, and we don’t want to use them)

SP212 - Snake and Starfish (when you tell only part of the story ... you talk about your husband, but not about drinking. You talk about menopause but not the 2 bottles of wine)

SP211 - The Sprinkler (how to avoid dealing with someone (or some situation) that is making you feel nutty)

SP210 - Nobody wants to hear what I have to say (when you find it hard to speak up, and ask for help, because you're worried about bothering someone)

SP209 - The Value of the Placebo Effect (why does the placebo effect work? there are 3-4 discrete, concrete reasons why. First, it's participatory ...)

SP208 - Update with Lex (we originally spoke in SP013; she was having a hard time getting going, mom to 3 little kids, husband who also drank. fast forward from november 2013 to june 2017)

SP207 - Misfit (you're a misfit and who gives a shit; you don't step in dog shit – you take care of you)

SP206 - Q&A (husbands, motivation, how to get a day 1; how to explain to your spouse or family what you're doing, and the idea of trying different to get a different result)

SP205 - Fix Your 5 Percent (in all disagreements, in all of the criticism – there is 5% that's you. You can fix that. and when you fix that, EVERYTHING changes)

SP204 - Drink At Work (this is about drinking to fit in. Like, if your workplace has a very boozy culture, how do you handle that?)

SP203 - Why Be Sober? (The boozing you is a liar; if you drink, it creates a whole, different version of you, and it’s not the real you)

SP202 - Blog Reading "A Very Shitty Day" (I read from my blog, month #2, when things seemed about as bad as they could get; with commentary)

SP201 - How to Cool off in Warm Weather (being sober is like being overheated, you can use the same problem-solving tools to help you avoid overwhelm and have supports & tools before you need them).

SP200 - Don't Jiggle Your Sober Foundation (advice on how to avoid bringing a jackhammer into the foundation of your sobriety & the people you invite into your life)

SP199 - Drink Again? Regret (how to reply when wolfie says that you "didn't have a problem" and that "drinking now would probably be fine...")

SP198 - 3-Meatball Mother (how to deal with people who don't 'get' us, people who are actively dismissive, who are difficult, or who generally give us shit about our ideas)

SP197 - Keep Your Sober Car on the Road (can you see when your sober car is starting to drift?)

SP196 - Do you have to wait for a low bottom? (or, "I want to be on the Rich Roll Podcast")

SP195 - BBC Interview "Is Drinking Required"? (by far the most stressful interview I've ever done, with an argumentative host, how I defend being sober)

SP194 - I'll Have to Apologize (sometimes i think that people are doing things 'to me' and they aren't. it's not about me. argh.)

SP193 - Mother's Day (mothers aren't perfect humans, and we like to carry around resentments for a LONG time)

SP192 - BBC Radio 5 Live with Emma Barnett (recorded live, May 3, 2017 and includes 2 of my sober penpals on the line with me too)

SP190 + SP191 - What Your Therapist Can't Tell You - Parts 1 + 2 (can your therapist share if they too have a booze issue; why is it that more psychiatrists don't tell you that they've struggled too)

SP189 - Progress Not Perfection (what does this phrase really mean? like, before the 'sober' world started to use it to justify relapse, what did it mean BEFORE?)

SP188 - My Therapist is an Asshat (Response) (maybe your therapist is a nice person but doesn't understand the drinking thing)

SP187 - Take Care of You (what does it mean to 'take care of yourself')

SP186 - Keep it Exciting (sometimes sobriety feels boring, here's what you can do to help)

SP185 - "I'll Take the Stairs" (you may have a brain that mistaken tells you that it'll be easier to quit drinking 'later')

SP184 - Empathy for Addiction (what do you say to friends who want to quit drinking but don't listen to your advice; what is it like for your friends and family to deal with you)

SP183 - Magic Potion (Part 2) (trying to find magic potions that will fix us once and for all)

SP182 - Magic Potion (Part 1) (there is no magic potion; you can spend $100 on vitamins if you like)

SP181 - Fake Cocaine (why does fake beer exist if there's no fake cocaine)

SP180 - Amnesty (don't let embarrassment stop you from reachign out for help)

SP179 - Having a Crappy Time (does life suck, or does pouring booze on our heads make life seem sucky?)

SP178 - Should I Drink Again? (reading from month #1 of my blog when i can't decide whether to keep being sober or not)

SP177 - Back to the Future (some day later you'll wish you were here in early sobriety again...)

SP176 - I'm Not Going Back There (getting help for a sore back is like sobriety)

SP175 - Do I Tell People I've Quit? (how to explain to people that you've quit drinking) Sample

SP174 - Top 3 Factors That Contribute to Long-Term Sobriety (don't drift, do things, deal with shitty days)

SP173 - Celebrations (is it possible to celebrate without alcohol)

SP172 - The Melbourne Radio Interview (me, recorded live, being interviewed December 7, 2016)

SP171 - Interview Practise 3 (would i still be sober if i hadn't started the blog, one quality that makes you more likely to be sober, what piece of advice do i give most often)

SP170 - Interview Practise 2 (30 mins long; what are my plans for the future; why am a sober penpal at all, and what is self-help-live?)

SP169 - Interview Practise 1 (how to maintain boundaries, why do we over-drink (is it family history?)

SP168 - Excuses (we have a brain that asks for alcohol; the rest of the 'reasons' are wolfie

SP167 - My Chat with GW (long interview with penpal, about his sober journey after 3 DUIs and being sent to court)

SP166 - Blankets of Support Part 2 (second part of longer interview about adding layers of support)

SP165 - Blankets of Support Part 1 (part 1; If you relapse (fall out of bed) and get back in with the same 3 blankets and you don’t add more, then you’re still going to be cold. )

SP164 - My Interview with Apprentice SoberP (30 minutes)

SP163 - Good Boundaries (we care so much that other people like us, that we don't care if we like ourselves ...)

SP162 - Q&A Part 4 (how to have a last day 1)

SP161 - Q&A Part 3 (when someone wants to talk about moderation / what to look forward to after one year sober / how to respond to family pressure)

SP160 - Q&A Part 2 (couples quitting together & ideas on medication)

SP159 - Q&A Part 1 (what to expect after 50 days / how to use the sober tools you have and not just 'collect' them)

SP158 - Plan B (how do you rock the shit out of Plan B?)

SP157 - Dating (how do you know when it's time to date?)

SP156 - Q&A (weight loss, weight watchers, running a marathon in snow boots, and I read from the list of 60 sober tools)

SP155 - Prelapse (edition #2; this is my second full podcast about prelapse, the previous one was episode SP046)

SP154 - Nail Polish (when we feel uncomfortable, we're more likely to bail)

SP153 - Dismantling Wolfie (someone offers advice and that makes wolfie act up)

SP152 - Marketing (makes booze seem 'better' than it is)

SP151 - I talk with The Contrarian (one of my penpals interviews ME for his podcast)

SP150 - Interview with Kristi Coulter (sober penpal / blogger / author)

SP149 - Self-Soothing (ways we learned to 'create a mood' when we were younger)

SP148 - Don't Drink (short, powerful, there is crying)

SP147 - Weight Loss Part 2 (what happens when we put weight loss ahead of sobriety?)

SP146 - Weight Loss Part 1 (what happens when we put weight loss ahead of sobriety?)

SP145 - Fake Drinking (should you fake-drink for a toast at a wedding)

SP144 - Interview with Primrose (sober penpal / sober blogger)

SP143 - Continuum (we share certain compulsive behaviours)

SP142 - Learn it Now (what does relapse mean, what can you learn 'right now' that you can use going fowrard)

SP141 - Can I Drink Again Later? (what to tell yourself when your brain acts up with ideas of future drinking)

SP140 - Longing (audio about longing, and alcohol, and how our brains trick us with fantasy stories)

SP139 - I can't do it like that (because I'm a sober girl and I have to do things in a way that doesn't disrupt my sobriety)

SP138 - May The Fork Be With You (Resentment) (turns out that sometimes we choose to feel resentment)

SP137 - This is for Julie (all those things that you think are keeping you from being sober? They're all beside the point ...)

SP136 - Mrs. D. (my interview with NZ sober blogger, Mrs. D.)

SP135 - Orchids & Dandelions (are you a sensitive little flower? yeah, me too. this is part 2 of a longer audio)

SP134 - Orchids & Dandelions (are you a sensitive little flower? yeah, me too. this is part 1 of a longer audio)

SP133 - Drinking is Not Required (how can you tell if the voice in your head is wolfie, or you?

SP132 - That would never happen to me (Part 2; booze is an elevator that only goes down)

SP131 - That would never happen to me (Part 1; booze is an elevator that only goes down)

SP130 - Ask the Right Person (who do you ask for sober support)

SP129 - Feminist Rant? (are women in sobriety any different from men)

SP128 - Sobriety and the Meaning of Life (not sure why you're sober any more)

SP127 - Shame / Should (double episode) (why can't i do things like i think i should be able to)

SP126 - Novelty and Structure Part 2 (we need novelty when we're 'bored' and sober; here's how to get it)

SP125 - Novelty and Structure Part 1 (we need novelty when we're 'bored' and sober; here's how to get it)

SP124 - Go Back (go back to the last place you were successful)

SP123 - I Need a Carrot Part 2 (we hear 'i need a drink' in our heads, but we never hear 'i need a carrot')

SP122 - I Need a Carrot Part 1 (we hear 'i need a drink' in our heads, but we never hear 'i need a carrot')

SP120 + SP121 - Adult Learners Parts 1+2 (why is it so hard for adults to learn new skills [hint, it's because they hate feeling like they're making mistakes; they hate not knowing what they're doing])

SP119 - Ranty Belle Part 2 (we need a new 'off' button once booze is removed, and then i start to rant)  Sample 

SP118 - Ranty Belle Part 1 (we need a new 'off' button once booze is removed, and then i start to rant)  Sample 

SP117 - Motivation (apply motivation daily, like deodorant)  Sample

SP116 - Should I Quit or Cut Down? (should you abstain completely or continue to try to cut down)

SP115 - Day 11 (what is it like to be on day 11 sober)

SP114 - Self-Esteem (what is self-esteem and how do you get it)

SP110-113 - Support and How to Get It Parts 1-4 (1 hour and 15 minutes long)

SP109 - Continuous Days Sober (what do we learn when we're continuously sobriety)

SP108 - Keeping Your Car on the Road (anticipatory anxiety; and how learning to drive is like early sobriety)

SP107 - Emotional Honesty (sober people talk about REAL stuff, and how important that is)

SP106 - Treats & Rewards (what's the difference between a treat and a reward, and does it even matter)

SP105 - All New Friends (when sober, do we have to get all new friends, or can we keep some of our boozer friends)

SP104 - Large Life (how to take a bird's-eye-view of problems, dealing with bratty teenagers/neighbours)

SP103 - Boundaries (i'm doing this to take care of ME, you say. i'm learning how to say no)

SP102 - Unsupportive (what to do if married to someone who drinks, or surrounded by people who are 'unsupportive')

SP101 - Drifting (when wolfie says: i don't need to do that sober stuff any more)

SP100 - Oh Look You've Evolved (when it seems like nothing is changing in sobriety)

SP096 to 099 - Ellie Revisited - Parts 1 to 4 (just after her one year sober-versary)

SP095 - Friends (what to say to your friends, what if you're too wobbly to go out)

SP094 - Hockey (yes, it's possible to watch sports and not drink)

SP093 - Death By Escalator (our brain predicts the worst)

SP092 - Missing Out (will you always feel like you're missing out?)

SP091 - Got Shame (beating yourself up over past events)

SP090 - There is No Magical Time (you can stop waiting for the right time)

SP089 - Feel Proud of You (when you feel not enough change in sobriety, not enough improvement)

SP088 - Angry Worms (why does alcohol so darkly affect our moods)

SP087 - High Firm Bottom (if life gives you the opportunity, it’s nice to have a high bottom)

SP086 - Alcohol in the House (how to cope when alcohol is in the house)

SP085 - Life Challenges (15 minutes long; how to be sober when life is gigantically, impossibly hard; there is crying)

SP084 - The High Jump and the Wheelchair (18 minutes long; how we have beliefs about what we can and can't do)

SP083 - Embrace the Lifestyle (our brain suggests that Moderation is a new idea we haven't tried before)

SP082 - Tired of Thinking About Drinking (am I tired of thinking about drinking or about NOT drinking)

SP081 - Control (17 minutes long; relationship between drinking and control issues and anxiety; what are the things you can control, and the things that you can't)

SP080 - Blowing a Fuse (overwhelm leads to a 6:45 pm bedtime; double episode, 20 minutes long.  Sample

SP079 - Not Quite Enough (about having 'not quite enough' sober supports; double episode, 20 minutes long)

SP078 - Character Defect (arrogance, over-confidence, and how card tricks work; double episode, 20 minutes long)

SP077 - The Camp of Sobriety (summary of London meetup 2014)

SP076 - Not the Right Time (what happens when we wait for the perfect time to begin)

SP075 - Sober Military (what's it like to be in the miliary and sober)

SPT14 - Special audio from American Thanksgiving 2014 (1 hour long)

SP071 to 074 - Ellie - Parts 1 to 4 (interview with Ellie Schoenberger, founder of The Bubble Hour)

SP070 - Prickly (irritated when someone offers to help and feeling grumpy in general)

SP069 - Coming Out of the Closet (while drinking, we live in a very small space; picture a closet)

SP068 - What's it Like to be a Sober Street Nurse?

SP067 - Bash Wolfie on the Head - Part 4 (sometimes sobriety feels 'too easy')

SP066 - Bash Wolfie on the Head - Part 3 (finding support outside of AA and outside of relying on your friends)

SP065 - Anonymous Noise (my moving-induced insight on taking things personally)

SP064 - Bash Wolfie on the Head - Part 2 (support)

SP063 - Bash Wolfie on the Head - Live Call Part 1 (what it's like to sit in my chair and see what I see)

SP062 - That you don't deserve it? Not true.

SP061 - What Does Drinking Represent? (you think drinking is time travel and will take you to another place)

SP060 - Beach Postcard (a postcard from the future)

SP059 - Sober Time (we think sobriety is HARDER for us than for others)

SP058 - What's it like to be a Sober Musician?

SPC13 - Special (1 hour) audio from Christmas 2013

SP057 - What's it like to be a Sober Doctor?

SP056 - No More U-Turns (relapse is a u-turn, we go back to where we were)

SP055 - Mind Tricks (how lying to myself works)

SP054 - Can You Buy Hope? (response to a concern I received by email)

SP053 - Don't Get Distracted (thinking that we've made a bunch of bad decisions)

SP052 - What I Deserve (what would Belle say?)

SP051 - July 4th - an audio to combat wolfie (listen to this when wolfie is on your shoulder)

SPT13 - Special audio from American Thanksgiving 2013 (1 hour)

SP047 to 050 - Sober Passions Parts 1-4 (sobriety insurance, and getting rid of ‘either/or’ | analysis/paralysis, patience, your primary goal | what next)

SP046 - Prelapse (what happens in the days before relapse, what can you do in advance)

SP045 - Here’s What I Need From You (an explanation of drinking and sobriety to anyone who doesn’t get it)

SP044 - What's it like to be a Sober Lawyer?

SP043 - What's it like to be a Sober Pastor?

SP042 - What's it like to be a Sober Therapist?

SP041 - I'm Right and You're Wrong (how wolfie whips us into a frenzy, on purpose)

SP040 - Cinnamon Toast (how to give yourself the treats you need)

SP039 - Signs From the Universe (signs that it's a good idea to be sober)

SP038 - Overwhelm (things I do to avoid feeling overwhelmed)

SP037 - Sea Shells (we're all more alike than we are different)

SP036 - Judging (wolfie suggests moderation, as if it's a new idea we've never tried)

SP035 - Everything Else is Wolfie (any voice you hear that isn't saying "take care of you" ... it's wolfie)

SP034 - Clever Title (when we were drinking, we couldn't count on ourselves - so we lived 'small')

SP033 - Mashed Potatoes (Oprah picks mashed potatoes, you and I pick booze)

SP032 - Getting Shit Done (why do we leave things undone)

SP031 - Post-Goal Letdown (how to deal with sober goals, like achieving day 100)

SP030 - Even Though (compulsive behaviours – doing stuff that doesn’t serve you)

SP029 - Swallowing Cement (how our very strong beliefs aren't as strong as we think)

SP028 - Practise Feeling Better (can you choose how you feel?)

SP027 - Perfectionism (waiting for the perfect time, that never comes)

SP026 - Reframing Part 3 - Regret / But my husband drinks

SP025 - Reframing Part 2 - Sober Vacations? / But I'm Shy

SP024 - Reframing Part 1 - Life is Hard / Booze is My Crutch

SP023 - Choose Focus (what you focus on changes who you are)

SP022 - I Heart Chicks (what I learned about sobriety when in the cardiac ICU)

SP021 - Don't Worry Be Happy (trusting advice)

SP020 - Fun (can you have fun sober?)

SP019 - Little Chick in the Grass (chick is lost on the new road to sobriety)

SP018 - Chicken Little (there's a little chick inside you)

SP017 - Sleep & Changing the Channel (how to change your mood)

SP016 - Anxiety & Depression (sometimes we feel crappy when sober)

SP015 - How to Have a Sober Christmas

SP014 - Lighthouse (how to find guidance)

SP013 - Lex (23 minute interview)

SP012 - 5 a.m. Wakeup Call (do you know what you're passionate about?)

SP011 - Lullabye (how to deal with a non-exciting patch - a lull - in sobriety)

SP010 - Dehydrate the Wolf (reading from the blog with anecdotes)

SP009 - London Sober Meetup (we're all normal!)

SP008 - What I Know About Me (things up with which i will not put)

SP007 - Today is the Best Day

SP006 - Sobriety is Like a Little Car (reading from the blog, with anecdotes)

SP005 - A Shitstorm of Treats (are you getting enough sober treats?)

SP004 - All is Well (even when it's not)

SP003 - Dry Drunk (my rant about what I think of this term)

SP002 - Two Eiffel Towers (the danger in trying to do the same thing again and expecting different results)

SP001 - Accepting Help (accept their milkshakes)