Tired of Thinking About Drinking

Would you like to do the 100 day sober challenge?

Hi there.

  1. Would you like to do the 100 Sober Challenge?
    Here’s the pledge:
    “I will not drink for 100 days.  No matter what.  I can cry, but I will not drink.  I can go to bed or go home early. I might feel distressed … but I will not drink.  Bad things might happen, but I will not drink.  Incredibly shitty things may happen to someone around me, or my neighbour, or my friend’s friend’s grandmother.  But there will be no booze.  Funerals? Weddings? Amputation?  I’m not drinking for 100 days no matter what happens … No matter what.”
  2. Make a note of the date of your last drink and post a comment here to let us know.
  3. Read the sober blogs (mine and others) every day. Become involved. Post comments on the blogs. The more you reach out, the more sober tools you add, the easier you’ll find it.
  4. Sign up to get daily sober motivation here.
  5. If you’d like to have a sober penpal (how cool, can’t wait to get to know you!), then sign up for the Sober Jumpstart class. There are three versions of the class — short, audio only, and long. All three versions come with a free sober penpal (me!). You can email me every single day, ask questions, rant, whine, and get cheerleading. I answer every email I receive. And yes, we remain sober penpals after the class is over. For as long as you’d like. For years.


(NOTE: If you HAVE signed up to do the challenge before, then you have a spot and a member number already. And we’re penpals already. Your spot is here. Just email me to restart or to tell me how you’re doing.)

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  1. Day 16! Determined and very hopeful this time. Something has shifted….I’m finding it easier that before. Doing lots of reading, some yoga, and lots of water!

    • Liz, glad to hear things have lined up for you. I’m day 15 today after 228 days sober which ended Jan 21, followed by many many restarts. (Belle is so patient with us!)
      I too have found that things are clicking and it’s no surprise that it all “clicked” for me when I finally became actively involved again in emailing Belle, listening to podcasts multiple times a day, and interacting with my support group more regularly.

      Let’s keep going!!

      • I so agree. The podcasts are immensely helpful. I’ve wanted to stop for over two years. Started really trying last November. Took many Day 1’s to get to here, now, where I feel strong and super motivated. Each time I’ve “failed” I’ve tried to make it a learning point….Why did I drink after 4 days, 10 days, 42 days? Getting sober is a process. People who can do it on the first try are, I think, very rare and very lucky. Wishing you all the best.

  2. September 11 2016 – bring it on!

  3. Day 26! And I received many gifts today: your letter, your book and the bracelet “Stay Here”. Well, I’ll stay here for sure. 🙂

  4. Okay, I am now on Day 6. This is it this time, I have had some crappy days, there is a lot going on, but you know what? I’m sober! My official day September 15th, 2016.

  5. Day one, last drink September 21st 2016. I’m
    Looking forward to reading about others journeys 🙏🚫🍾

  6. So want to be on day 1 of 100…..how on earth do I do it?

  7. Day 7 is completed and so I start this day 8. Listening to podcasts of others stories of recovery and Belle’s 1 minute messages on repeat.

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