Would you like to do the 100 day sober challenge?

Hi there.

  1. Would you like to do the 100 Sober Challenge?
    Here’s the pledge:
    “I will not drink for 100 days.  No matter what.  I can cry, but I will not drink.  I can go to bed or go home early. I might feel distressed … but I will not drink.  Bad things might happen, but I will not drink.  Incredibly shitty things may happen to someone around me, or my neighbour, or my friend’s friend’s grandmother.  But there will be no booze.  Funerals? Weddings? Amputation?  I’m not drinking for 100 days no matter what happens … No matter what.”
  2. Make a note of the date of your last drink and post a comment here to let us know.
  3. Read the sober blogs (mine and others) every day. Become involved. Post comments on the blogs. The more you reach out, the more sober tools you add, the easier you’ll find it.
  4. Sign up to get daily sober motivation here.
  5. If you’d like to have a sober penpal (how cool, can’t wait to get to know you!), then sign up for the Sober Jumpstart class. There are three versions of the class — short, audio only, and long. All three versions come with a free sober penpal (me!). You can email me every single day, ask questions, rant, whine, and get cheerleading. I answer every email I receive. And yes, we remain sober penpals after the class is over. For as long as you’d like. For years.


(NOTE: If you HAVE signed up to do the challenge before, then you have a spot and a member number already. And we’re penpals already. Your spot is here. Just email me to restart or to tell me how you’re doing.)

1,665 thoughts on “Would you like to do the 100 day sober challenge?”

  1. Still here, at day 4. Still feeling determined, a little fearful of what I will do when the compulsive thought to drink rears its head.

  2. “Get out of my way, sober car coming through.” Thanks, Belle – I’m on day 5 but getting to benefit from your day (47?) wisdom. I already had my first drinking dream last night or “almost” drinking dream. In it, I was at a restaurant ordering cheese and crackers and had an overwhelming desire for wine – all the *feelings* associated with anticipating drinking were there – but even in my dream I remembered, ‘oh yeah, I’m not doing this anymore’ – and I didn’t order the wine! When I woke up this morning I started reading your blog first thing.

  3. Hi Belle,

    I’d like to join please. My last drink was March 3. I’m feeling strong today so will sign up before I lose my nerve!

    Thank you!

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